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Ethernet Data Acquisition

Eagle Technology is proud to announce its new range of IP Data Acquisition products. These products introduce an ethernet interface to our MicroDAQ family of products and allow them to be used on an IP ethernet network.

The addressable nature of the MicroDAQ ethernet products allow them to be distributed around the IP network away from the PC. Data acquisition applications require the device doing the sampling to be fairly close to the item being tested or sampled. This may be some distance away from the Data Acquisition PC or in an isolated or harsh environment. With the MicroDAQ Net-DAQ units, you can have these distributed in the field and have the PC in a safe air-conditioned control room.

The Ethernet μDAQ Analog Input series support 16 and 32 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs with 16-bit resolution. It’s available in two models, the NET-26 that excludes analog outputs and the NET-30 that include the analog outputs.
The Ethernet μDAQ Digital I/O series has support for 24 to 120 digital input/output lines. They are available in 3 basic models, NET-24, NET-72 and NET-120.
The NET μDAQ Isolated Digital I/O series are available in three versions. A NET-62 that is a Optically isolated input device, a NET-63 that is a Reed Relay Output device and a NET-69 that is a combination of the two