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12-bit Analog Input Board with Digital I/O & Analog Outputs

MSRP Starting Price: R 3,073.00

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EDR Software
  • 100kHz or 330kHZ conversion rates
  • 8 differential or 16 single-ended inputs
  • 12 bit Analog resolution
  • Programmable gain
  • Simultaneous sample and hold option available
  • 4 x 12-bit Analog Outputs with flexible ranges
  • 24 Digital I/O lines {3 ports }
  • One 16-bit user Counter timer
  • Supplied with EDR Software and PC30MIA or PC30MIA (1:1) (DB50 to IDC50 adaptors)
  • PC-30F/G is an ISA-bus multi-function Analog & Digital I/O board for data acquisition & control applications. A variety of models are available with programmable gain, simultaneous sample and hold (s-models), and or with DACs (a-models). Sixteen single ended inputs or eight differential analog inputs are provided. Gains for each channel can be individually programmed in the board's memory (G, GA, F and FA models).

    Programmable gain makes the PC-30F/G board ideal for measuring low level signals. Throughputs in excess of 330KHz can be achieved using the FIFO buffer on the PC-30F models. Four 12-bit DACs are an optional feature. The PC-30F/G has uniquely flexible digital I/O capabilities consisting of 24 lines in three ports. Each port can be configured as inputs or outputs. Each PC-30F/G also includes a 16-bit Bounter Timer used to generate or measure frequency and count events.

    Ordering Information

    Item Description Price Qty
    PC-30F 100kHz 16 SE or 8 Diff Inputs R 3,367.00
    PC-30FA 100kHz 16 SE or 8 Diff Inputs with four 12 Bit DACs R 4,910.00
    PC-30G 100kHz 16 SE or 8 Diff Inputs R 3,073.00
    PC-30GA 100 kHz 16 SE or 8 Diff Inputs with four 12 Bit DACs R 4,216.00

    Optional Accessories

    Item Description Price Qty
    ADPT-5050 DB50 (M) & IDC50 (M) to 51way Screw Terminal R 1,047.00
    DB50M/F DB50(M) to DB50(F) multi-core screened cable - 1m R 448.00