(1x)16ch; (3x)8ch Digital I/O Connectors

MSRP Starting Price: R 385.00

Product Datasheet


(3x)8ch module/adpt via IDC10 Cable


(1x)16ch module/adpt via IDC20 Cable
  • Dimensions: 72(W) x 99(L) x 19(H) mm
  • Ordering Information

    Item Description Price Qty
    PC-43A2 (1x)16ch; (3x)8ch Digital I/O Connectors R 385.00

    Optional Accessories

    Item Description Price Qty
    IDC10 10-Way IDC Ribbon Cable - 0.5M R 37.00
    ADPT-910 DB9 (F) & IDC10 (M) to 11way Screw Terminal R 414.00
    PC-37D 8 Channel Opto-22 Solid State Relay Module R 1,663.00
    PC-38G 8 Channel Electro-Mechanical Relay Adaptor Module R 946.00
    PC-38H 8 Channel 15W Reed Relay Adaptor Module R 762.00
    PC-38V 8 Channel TTL I/O Driver Module R 280.00
    PC-43E 8 Channel Digital Opto-Isolater I/P Module R 542.00
    PC-51-8 8 Channel Opto-22 Digital I/O Module Docking Module R 802.00
    IDC20 IDC20(F) to IDC20(F) Ribbon Cable - 0.5m R 66.00
    ADPT-20 IDC20 (M) to 21way Screw Terminal R 523.00
    PC-38W 16 Channel TTL I/O Driver Module R 641.00
    PC-43B 16 Channel Digital Opto-Isolator I/P Module R 974.00