8 Channel Resolver/Synchro to Digital Converter

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  • Synchro or resolver inputs
  • Accuracy of 8.5 arc-minutes
  • Conversion rate - 1µS max
  • High quality velocity outputs
  • Direction bit provided
  • One to eight channels
  • High tracking rate of 100RpS
  • Excitation frequencies from 50Hz - 2.6Hz
  • Separate reference inputs for each channel
  • Software supplied for driving 2 speed systems
  • The PC-58 is a versatile, full-size IBM PC card designed for one to eight channels of tracking resolver-to-digital or synchro-to-digital conversion. Options for input voltages of 90VL-L or 11.8VL-L are available. A high quality velocity output, which has a full-scale voltage of ±10V, is provided for each channel as well as a direction bit.

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    PC-58 8 Channel Resolver/Synchro to Digital Converter Board Contact For Price

    Optional Accessories

    Item Description Price Qty
    DB50F/F DB50(F) to DB50(F) multi-core screened cable - 1m R 447.00
    ADPT-5050 DB50 (M) & IDC50 (M) to 51way Screw Terminal R 1,047.00
    PC-42 Power Oscillator (5watt 400HZ-10KHz) Contact For Price
    PC-41 Board PC-41 Basic Board Contact For Price
    PC-41A 8 Channel LVDT (400Hz) Contact For Price
    PC-41B 8 Channel LVDT (10 KHz) Contact For Price