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PCI DAQ Card 400kHz 16/32/64 Channel 14-bit A/D with two 14-bit DACs Multi-I/O Board

MSRP Starting Price: R 6,153.00

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EDRE Software
WaveView for Windows
  • 16/32/64 Single Ended or 8/16/32 Differential Inputs
  • 2 Channel 14-bit Analog outputs
  • 400kHz sampling rate
  • 8 TTL compatible digital I/O lines
  • 3 User Counter/Timers
  • Programmable Gain
  • Channel list FIFO onboard for auto A/D channel scanning
  • Analog or Digital Triggering
  • PCI-Bus mastering DMA
  • 64 input model ideal for building dataloggers or high input count test systems
  • PCI-Bus mastering or slave operation
  • PCI Bus revision 2.2 compliant
  • Windows98/ME/2000/XP OS Support
  • Linux Operating System
  • Waveview for Windows Data Acquisition & Logging Software
  • Supplied with EDR Enhanced Software
  • Dimensions: 168.5mm x 98.5mm

Download WaveView for Windows for use with the PCI-703

Our flagship data acquisition board, the PCI-703 is known for its low noise and high performance. It is a 14-bit 400kHz analog input and analog output board for PCI based systems. The board features 16/32/64 single-ended or 8/16/32 differential analog inputs. Analog sampling can be done via polled i/o or bus-master DMA. Eighteen digital i/o lines and 3 counter/timers are fitted as standard. Ten of the i/o lines are for multi-function use, such as for external trigger source or external convert. The balance are for standard digital i/o use. The two optional analog output channels can be used for waveform generation or reference voltage outputs.

Boards are supplied with free EDR Enhanced Software SDK which includes drivers and examples.

Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
PCI-703-16 400kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D R 6,153.00
PCI-703-16A 400kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D + two 14 Bit DACs R 8,064.00
PCI-703-32 400kHz 32 Channel 14-bit A/D Multi-I/O R 7,325.00
PCI-703-32A 400kHz 32 Channel 14-bit A/D + two 14 Bit DACs Multi-I/O R 8,489.00
PCI-703-64 400kHz 64 Channel 14-bit A/D R 7,071.00
PCI-703-64A 400kHz 64 Channel 14-bit A/D + two 14 Bit DACs R 8,216.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
ADPT-6868-SCD SCSI II 68 (F) Centronics & SCSI 68 (F) DSub to 69way Screw Terminal R 1,564.00
SCSI-D68MF 68-way SCSI-II D-Sub(M) to (F) multi core screened cable - 1m length R 528.00
Y-Cable1 68SCSI-II D-Sub(F) to (2x) DB37(F) screened cable - 1m R 547.00
ADPT-3740 DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal R 847.00
PC-43A4 8 Independent DIG I/O Connector & Digital Control I/O Screw Terminal R 378.00
PC-52A1 (2x)8ch; (4x)4ch Analog I/P Connectors & (1x) 2ch Analog O/P Connectors R 344.00
Y-Cable3 100 SCSI II Dsub(M) to DB37(F) & (1x) 80 SCSI II Dsub(M) screened cable R 2,358.00
PC-52A4 (8x)8ch Analog I/P Connectors & (1x)2ch Analog O/P Connectors R 890.00
ADPT-80-SD SCSI II 80 (F) DSub to 81way Screw Terminal R 1,857.00
SCSI-D100MM 100 SCSI-II D-Sub(M) to (M) multi-core screened cable - 1m R 3,254.00
ADPT-100-SD SCSI II 100 (F) DSub to 102way Screw Terminal R 1,999.00