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PCI DAQ Card 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 Digital I/O, Counters & 4x14-bit DACS Low Cost Data Acquisition Board

MSRP Starting Price: R 2,864.00

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EDRE Software
WaveView for Windows
  • 16 SE or 8 Diff A/D Channels
  • 14-bit Analog Resolution
  • 100kHz A/D Sampling Rate
  • +/-2.5, +/-5, +/-10V Voltage Range
  • 4x 14-bit ±10V @ 5mA D/A Channels
  • 24 (3x 8) DIO Channels
  • 3x 16-bit Counter Timers (User)
  • 3 Interrupt Sources (PCI-730/726)
  • 2048 FIFO buffer with programmable word count
  • DB25M (A/D & D/A); IDC40 (DIO) Connectors
  • Windows98/ME/2000/XP
  • Linux OS Support
  • WaveView for Windows Data Acquisition & Logging Software
  • Supplied with EDR Enhanced Software and Internal Cable with PC bracket (IDC40 to DB37)

The PCI-730/26/25 is a low cost yet high performance data acquisition board for the PCI-bus. They are multi-function I/O boards and feature both analog and digital I/O on the same board.

Designed with university students in mind, the board features industry standard low cost connectors. This makes for easy connectivity, as the user does not have to purchase expensive SCSI cables or connectors.

Extremely compact, the PCI-730/26/25 features 16 single-ended or 8 differential 14-bit analog input channels with an overall sampling speed of 100KHz. Compared to other data acquisition boards, our board features four 14-bit analog output channels instead of the industry standard two. These are perfect for labarotary use as voltage references.

Typical applications include analog input streaming, voltage measurements, voltage reference outputs, analog & digital data logging, digital I/O for control of relays, frequency counter for event logging & much more.

Included with the PCI-730/26/25 is our free data acquisition package, WaveView for Windows which allows the user to start sampling as soon as the card is plugged in.

Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
PCI-725 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D R 2,864.00
PCI-726 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 DIO & Counters R 3,179.00
PCI-730 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 DIO, Counters & 4x 14-bit DACs R 3,794.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
ADPT-2526 DB25 (F) & IDC26 (M) to 27way Screw Terminal R 689.00
DB25M/F DB25(M) to DB25(F) Multi-core Screened Cable R 162.00
ADPT-3740 DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal R 847.00
DB37F/F DB37(F) to DB37(F) Multi-core screened cable - 1m R 174.00