PCI DAQ Card 24/40 Line Digital I/O

MSRP Starting Price: R 1,321.00

Product Datasheet
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Linux drivers
EDRE Software
WaveView for Windows
  • 24 Channel Digital Inputs/Outputs (3-ports)
  • 16 Channel high current outputs (C-version)
  • 1 Channel opto-isolated external trigger input (C-version)
  • 3 Interrupt sources (C-version)
  • 82C55 Compatible digital input/output interface
  • IBM PCI Compatible Rev 2.2
  • Windows98/ME/2000/XP OS Support
  • Linux OS Support
  • WaveView for Windows Data Acquisition and Logging Software
  • Labview, Testpoint and Agilent-Vee Drivers
  • Dimensions: 123mm x 74 mm
  • Supplied with EDR Enhanced Software and Internal Cable (with C-Version) for Digital I/O (converts from IDC20 to DB25)

The PCI-836 is a PCI-bus digital I/O board based on the industry standard 82C55 PPI chip. It is available in two versions, PCI-836A and PCI-836C. The PCI-836C supports a 16-bit high current port, an optically isolated line and 3x interrupt sources.

Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
PCI-836A 24 Channel Digital I/O Board R 1,321.00
PCI-836C 40 Channel Digital I/O Board R 1,477.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
ADPT-3740 DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal R 847.00
ADPT-2526 DB25 (F) & IDC26 (M) to 27way Screw Terminal R 689.00
ADPT-20 IDC20 (M) to 21way Screw Terminal R 523.00
PC-43A2 (1x)16ch; (3x)8ch Digital I/O Connectors R 385.00
DB25M/F DB25(M) to DB25(F) Multi-core Screened Cable R 162.00
IDC20 IDC20(F) to IDC20(F) Ribbon Cable - 0.5m R 66.00
DB37M/F DB37(M) to DB37(F) Multi-core Screened Cable - 1m R 174.00
DB37F/F DB37(F) to DB37(F) Multi-core screened cable - 1m R 174.00