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Agilent VEE


We are proud to support Agilent's Data Acquisition package, VEE.


  • Full support for Agilent VEE Pro & VEE OneLab version 6.01
  • Support for PCI-703-16/32/64/A and PCI-703S-8/16/A Multi I/O Boards.
  • Support for PCI-725/26/30 Multi I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-30FG series Multi I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-800 series Digital I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-773 series Thermocouple Input Boards
  • Support all USB and Serial Devices
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use A/D, DIO, Counter/Timer, D/A & Temperature functions
  • Supports all Win32 platforms
  • Examples provided
  • Easy, Graphical Programming

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The EDRE-VEEPro is an enhanced interface driver for Agilent Technologies VEE Data Acquisition Software Package ( Agilent VEE is a graphical programming language optimized for building test and measurement applications, and programs with operator interfaces. It is an easy to use software package for acquiring, analyzing and controlling data acquisition hardware. One can easily design ones own applications in true object oriented development environment. No prior programming knowledge is required.

It supports all major functions, like single channel analog inputs, analog input channel scanning, single write to analog outputs and waveform generation. There is support for digital inputs and outputs, as well as counter/timers. For users of our PCI-773 Thermocouple/RTD Input board we also support temperature functions. 

The EDRE-VEE driver is supplied free of charge on the distribution CD.