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Data Acquisition Accessories

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These enable the user to quickly & easily get his data acquisition & control system up & running. Products include screw terminal adapters, relay modules, screen cable & a variety of other data acquisition add-ons.

Eagle Technology supplies a wide range of Ribbon Cable, Multi-Core Screened Cable and Special Y-cable.
These high quality screw terminals are designed for easy field wiring. All modules connect to our digital multi-I/O connectors. All modules are supplied with DIN-Rail mountable bases.
Our wide range of Docking Boards are compatible with most of our boards and various combinations of Adaptors and I/O Application Modules can be connected.
The range of (1:1:1) screw terminal adaptors offer a simple solution to the problem of interfacing your PC DAQ Cards to your signal lines.They are designed to be mounted with either their four 3.2mm diameter holes or with plastic DIN-rail bases (recommended for quick hassle-fee installations). With the exception of the ADPT-20, all adaptors have a jumper with which to connect the 'copper-pour' to the screen of the DB connector.

In electronics, signal conditioning means manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage for further processing. Most common use is in analog-to-digital converters.   In control engineering applications, it is common to have a sensing stage, a signal conditioning stage and a processing stage. Operational amplifiers are commonly employed to carry out the amplification of the signal in the signal conditioning stage.