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WaveView for Windows

Windows Data Acquisition Software Program. 


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WaveView for Windows is a new Microsoft® Windows based data acquisition package developed by Eagle Technology supporting our PCI range of personal computer plug-in cards. The software is extensively configurable, easy to use, quick to learn. It operates with our PCI DAQ Boards & USB DAQ products.


Features include :

  • Analog Inputs : Fast Fourier Transforms now supported. Up to 64 Channels real-time display while streaming to disk (maximum 400kHz) and Excel file output
  • Analog Outputs : Up to 24 Channels DC Output or Waveform generation
  • Digital I/O : Port direction programmable (1bit or 8bit) Event triggering via analog alarms
  • Counter/Timers : Full event triggering, Pulse counting, Frequency measurement, Frequency generation
  • Thermocouple Inputs : Real-time Display & Temperature Data Logger with graphical display and Excel file output

Operating system support includes Microsoft® Windows 98 and later. Linux will be supported in the near future. 

For evaluation please download the software or request a software CD-Rom via email [email protected]

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