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EDRE Network Server

  • Remote TCP/IP Control of PCI, USB & PC104 Hardware
  • Remote Digital I/O Control
  • Remote Counter/Timer Control
  • Remote Analog Input Simple I/O
  • Remote Analog Output Simple I/O
  • Remote Device & Software Information Queries
  • Multiple Client to Server Connections
  • Multiple Server to Client Connections
  • Extensive Message Logging
  • Icon Tray Status Reporting
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The EDR Enhanced Network Server is used to extend data acquisition hardware devices across a TCP/IP network. It is an extension of our EDRE SDK and allows the user to control data acquisition devices remotely. Typical applications include all types of remote process control such as furnace monitoring, weather stations. It can also be useful for sharing of data aquisition hardware between students.

It consists of a client which is integrated into the EDRE API and a device server which runs independently on a remote hardware platform. The device server has built-in protocol support to perform digital I/O, counter/timer I/O and simple analog I/O functions. Multiple connections can be made to a server from different clients. As well, clients can have multiple connections to different hardware servers. Our DAQ control panel applet is used to add/configure servers, or to view a list of remotely installed devices. Each server's list of devices is listed under the particular type of bus topology.

The EDR Enhanced network technology removes the complexity of network programming and is the ideal tool for novices and experienced data acquisition users and programmers. One only needs the programming knowledge needed for the EDR Enhanced API. The EDR Enhanced network technology also extends the life of existing software running on top of the EDR Enhanced API. Because it is backward compatible, one can easily add a scalable component to existing data aquisition software without rewriting the application.

The EDR Enhanced Network Server is easy to install and very simple to configure. Little knowledge is necessary of TCP/IP networking. The network technology makes device control transparent to the user and supports all devices that the EDR Enhanced API supports.