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Labview has become the world's most popular software package for data acquisition users. We provide extensive support for our data acquisition products under Labview. These include VIs, examples & documentation. This combines LabView's powerful display & analysis tools with our excellent hardware. 


  • Interfaces to Labview 6.x
  • Easy to use VIs
  • NI plug-in compatible VIs for A/D, D/A & DIO Functions
  • Supports all Win32 platforms
  • Support for PCI-703-16/32/64/A and PCI 703S-8/16/A Multi I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-725/26/30 Multi I/O Boards.
  • Support for PCI-30G series Multi I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-800 series Digital I/O Boards
  • Support for PCI-773 series Thermocouple/RTD Input Boards
  • Support all USB and Serial Devices.
  • Example VIs for analog input, analog output, digital input, digital output and temperature thermocouple/RTD input
  • Configure channel parameters
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The EDRE-Labview is an enhanced interface driver for National Instruments Labview Data Acquisition Software Package. 

It supports all EDRE functions, such as single channel analog inputs, analog input channel scanning, streaming to disk, single write to analog outputs, waveform generation, digital inputs and outputs, as well as counter/timers. For users of our PCI-773 Thermocouple/RTD Input board we have also added support. EDRE-Labview VI's are supplied free of charge on the distribution CD.

It also features National Instruments plug-in compatible VIs for analog input, analog output and digital I\O functions. This means existing NI board users do not have to re-write their LabView applications when they want to use Eagle boards. They simply replace the NI VI with the plug-compatible Eagle VI.

LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments.