24 Channel Board for (24x) Opto-22 DIG I/O Modules

Product Datasheet
  • 24 (AC or DC) G4 OPTO-22 Digital I/O Module Channels with LED status indicators (Connected to Port’s A; B or C of the Host DAQ PC Card’s PIO or DIO circuitry).
  • Onboard Fuse Tester for testing fuses of O/P modules
  • Jumper selectable Channel I/O direction (ONBOARD DRIVER for O/P’s & DIRECT CONNECTION for I/P’s)
  • For use with PC-43A1/2/3 or PC-43A4(where I/P & O/P Modules can be mixed) & PC-43D using a 10way 1:1 ribbon cable, as well as other DAQ PC-Cards using a custom made cable
  • High quality screw terminals for easy field wiring.
  • There are four 3.2mm diameter holes for mounting or a DIN-RAIL Mounting Base may be fitted (recommended for quick hassle free installations).
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