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PC104 High-Speed 833KHz Analog Input Board

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Linux drivers
EDRE Software
  • Single 12-bit Analog Differential Input
  • Input Voltage Range: +/- 5V
  • Input Bandwidth: 3MHz
  • Input Impedance: Differential (24K Ohm) Common Mode (18K ohm)
  • Maximum Sampling Frequency: 833KHz
  • Minimum Sampling Frequency: 610Hz
  • Accuracy (after calibration): +/- 1LSB
  • High Accuracy & Low Noise
  • Fully programmable DMA & interrupt system
Analog Input Connector: 3 Pin IDC Header
  • PC/104 16-bit Bus
  • Power Consumption: 5VDC @ 100mA
  • Supplied with EDR Enhanced Software

The new PC104-30H is a single input high speed analog input board for the PC104 bus.

It is ideally suited for use in embedded systems when combined with a PC104 or PC104-compatible CPU board.

Typical applications include high speed analog sampling in the medical, industrial, military & test equipment fields. The board allows data transfer via slave DMA, interrupts or polled I/O. Operation is 5VDC only.

Each board comes supplied with an extensive free software developer's kit with support for Windows 98/NT & 2000. Linux & VXWORKS BSP is also available.

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