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PC104+ 100kHz 16 Channel 14-bit A/D, 24 DIO, Counters & 4x14-bit DACS Multi-function A/D Board

Product Datasheet
  • Analog Input Channels: 16 SE or 8 Diff
  • Resolution: 14 bit 
  • A/D Sampling Rate: 100kHz
  • Input Voltage Ranges: ±2.5, ±5, ±10V
  • Analog Output: 4x 14-bit D/A Channels
  • Output Voltage Ranges: ±10V
  • Digital I/O: 24 (3 x 8) TTL Level DIO Channels
  • Counter/Timers: 3 x 16-bit (User)
  • Trigger Modes: Digital External Hardware Trigger or Software Trigger
  • FIFO: 2048 buffer with programmable word count
  • Software Calibration
  • Connectors: 2mm Pitch IDC26 (A/D & D/A); 2mm Pitch IDC40 (DIO) 
  • PC/104-Plus Version 1.2 Compatible
  • OS Support: Windows98/ME/2000/XP
  • Linux OS Support
  • WaveView for Windows Data Acquisition & Logging Software
  • Includes EDRE SDK with examples, drivers & example source code

The PC104PLUS-30C is the latest in PC/104-Plus data acquisition boards. Extremely compact the board features 16 analog input channels, 24 digital i/o channels and four analog outputs all on one board. .

The 16 input channels have an overall sampling speed of 100KHz with an accurate 14-bit resolution. Digital I/O on the board is PPI-compatible and can be programmed as inputs or outputs in banks of eight. It also has three onboard counters which can be used to generate interrupts. A digital trigger is also featured which can be used for starting measurements.

Software & hardware wise, the PC104PLUS is compatible with our PCI-730 which means users can develope on a desktop using the PCI board and change over to PC104-PLUS for the embedded system. The driver for both boards is identical and connector pinouts the same.

PC/104-Plus has all the great benefits of the embedded PC/104 standard but with the added feature of the high performance PCI bus. The physical size and mounting configuration remain unchanged with a 2nd stack-through connector on the opposite side of the board. This 120-Pin connector is similar to the standard PCI-bus, but with no JTAG, PRSNT or CLKRUN signals presant. A rotational dipswitch on the side of the board allows the user to select PCI board position when more than one PC/104-Plus is used at a time.

The PC104-PLUS-30C utilises software calibration for each individual channel and range. This means errors are automatically calculated out when using a different voltage input range. A software calibration application is provided with each board

Typical applications for the board include analog input streaming, voltage measurements, voltage reference outputs, analog & digital data logging, digital i/o for control of relays, frequency counter for event logging & much more.

Included with the PC104-PLUS-30C is our free data acquisition package, WaveView for Windows which allows the user to start sampling as soon as the card is plugged in. It also includes the EDRE software developer's kit which has support for most popular software development packages.

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