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Signal Conditioning Modules

In electronics, signal conditioning means manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage for further processing. Most common use is in analog-to-digital converters.   In control engineering applications, it is common to have a sensing stage, a signal conditioning stage and a processing stage. Operational amplifiers are commonly employed to carry out the amplification of the signal in the signal conditioning stage.

The 5B Series represents an innovative generation of low cost, high performance plug-in signal conditioners. Designed for industrial applications, these modules incorporate highly reliable transformer-based isolation and automated surfacemount manufacturing technology. They are compact, economical components whose performance exceeds that available from more expensive devices.
The PWM-Driver's adjustable duty cycle provides an accurate means of controlling power delivered to a load. Duty cycle can be set from 10% to 100% with an analog voltage.Reduced duty cycle results in reduced power dissipation.