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USB Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition products for the USB bus. Includes Analog Input, Digital I/O, Thermocouple, Analog OutputReed Relays and Opto-Isolated I/O. Units are supplied with a USB cable, API software and our ready to use data acquisition package, Free Waveview For Windows. Optional accessories are available including power supplies, longer usb cables and various screw terminal adaptors & interface cables.

The USB μDAQ Analog Input series support 16 and 32 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs with 12, 14 or 16-bit resolution. It’s available in three models, the USB-26 that excludes analog outputs, the USB-30 that include the analog outputs and a MicroDAQ-Lite that is a low cost multi-function DAQ unit.
The USB μDAQ Digital I/O series has support for 24 to 120 digital input/output lines and 6 counters. They are available in 5 basic models, USB-24, USB-48, USB-72, USB-96 and USB-120.
The USB μDAQ Isolated Digital I/O series are available in three versions. A USB-62 that is a Optically isolated input device, a USB-63 that is a Reed Relay Output device and a USB-69 that is a combination of the two
The USB μDAQ Temperature Input series supports 8, 16 and 32 temperature inputs. The two basic models are the USB-73T and USB-73R, which supports thermocouple and RTD probes respectively.